NK Online Academy/PAL (NKOA/PAL)

Welcome to NKOA/PAL, a school providing an online educational experience for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. NKOA and PAL is an individual school in NKSD partnering with Stride Learning Solutions to provide full and robust online curriculum supplemented with skill building support, interventions, optional content area, synchronous instructional sessions, 24/7 academic support, and an abundance of training materials and support for students and families. In addition, NKSD provides each student with an NKSD Mentor Teacher who provides students with and families with academic progress monitoring, coaching, encouragement, and extensive communication through emails, phone calls, in-person or virtual meetings.
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  • NKOA/PAL is a K-12 public school in North Kitsap School District and is free to parents and students.
  • NKOA/PAL contracts with Stride Learning Solutions to provide a robust and interactive online curriculum that is in line with Washington Common Core State Standards.
  • All curriculum and materials are in a digital format embedded in the online learning platform.  Starting in SY 22-23, no hard copy materials will be provided unless NKOA/PAL already has the materials on hand.
  • High school students meeting graduation requirements will receive a North Kitsap High School or Kingston High School diploma.
  • K-5 students are evaluated according to the district learning standards. All middle and high school coursework is graded.
  • All students are connected to a Mentor Teacher. Their role is to guide parents and students through organizational and operational aspects of the online platform and are available to provide support to parents and students through email, phone calls, face-to-face, or virtual meetings as needed.
  • NKOA/PAL works best when a student is organized, self-motivated and has strong academic support at home, especially at the elementary level.
  • Parent facilitation is required for all grade levels and courses. More intense facilitation is needed at the K-5 level.
  • Families need to provide adequate internet services. Students will be assigned a NKSD laptop.
  • NKOA Student Handbook


  • The State of Washington mandates several requirements for students attending NKOA/PAL.  These requirements are as follows:
    • Weekly, two-way communication between students and teachers. This communication can be via phone, text, email, Zoom meeting, Facetime, etc.
    • Weekly, must be for the purpose of instruction, review of assignments, testing, evaluation of student progress, or other learning activities or requirements identified in the Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP)
  • The State of Washington requires a weekly one-on-one meeting between the student and Mentor Teacher. Parents can facilitate the communication when appropriate. The weekly meeting can be accomplished through the use of a phone, email, virtual tools, and texting.
  • Students are required to stay on pace following pacing guides and complete the amount of work established by a Written Student Learning Plan and other planning documents.
  • Students are considered absent by not adhering to the above expectations.


  • NKOA/PAL used to be just PAL, Parent Assisted Learning Program. PAL was created 15 years ago by the North Kitsap School District, to provide curriculum support and guidance to parents who wanted a combined district and home-based instruction. 
  • Mentor Teacher - A Washington State certified teacher who advises and supports the home-based instruction family. Weekly meetings with the advisor/mentor are required by law.
  • How many hours do I have to spend on schoolwork? The number of classes a student is enrolled in will determine the amount of time they need to spend completing assignments. The range of potential hours is 5 - 26 per week.
  • What kind of classes does NKOA/PAL offer? For the most part, NKOA/PAL students enjoy the same selection of CORE classes as a regular school student. Please contact the counselor or principal for specific details on course offerings.
  • What is a shared student? A student enrolled in NKOA/PAL and their home-based school is considered a shared student. Home-based schools are any NKSD elementary through high school.
  • Is there an opportunity to earn credit for my job? A high school student can enroll in Work Based Learning to earn credit.
  • Are there opportunities to earn credits outside of the school day? Yes. Choice Academy has a number of Contract Based Learning Opportunities both original credit and credit retrieval opportunities.
  • What resources and services are available? NKOA/PAL provides a Mentor Teacher, online curriculum and materials, access to a district issued computers, a counselor, and instructional support.
  • What about graduation? NKOA/PAL students graduate in the same ceremony as either Kingston High School or North Kitsap High School students.

How to be a Successful Online Learning Student at NKOA/PAL

What do you need to know to make this online program work for you!? Here are some questions to think about…

1.) Am I self-motivated?
2.) Am I organized?
3.) Am I tech savvy?
4.) Do I have a quiet place to study?
5.) Do I have short- or long-term goals that have brought me here?

You can be successful in this new environment called Online Learning. If you will follow these steps, you will be on the road to a successful school year! You will have great teacher/s helping you the entire way!

We want you to be successful in this online program! Are you ready? Follow these steps!

Step 1: Turn on your computer

Step 2: Open your internet browser and go to https://login-learn.k12.com/#login (Elementary) or https://peak.getfueled.com/#login (Middle and High School to log into your account.

Trouble logging in? Connect with your Mentor Teacher or call 360-396-3569 for assistance.
NOTE: There are important things to check daily in your online platform.
Check daily: Emails, To Do, Class Grade and Progress

Step 3: Access your course and check these items daily.

NOTE: Items to check daily are on your course screen
Check: To Do, Over Due, Progress, Activity (Have you been in this class lately?)

Step 4: Complete your Future Ready course. It is the one course that will assist you with learning how to access your courses and introduce you to the layout of your online learning platform.

This is where you will find what work you are to do, what days are holidays and what days are testing days.

Check this every day to make sure that quizzes, tests and assignments are being turned in. (Note: If a teacher is grading your assignment please give them 48 hours to grade and post your results)

Your teachers will use this to post information you need to know. Items such as quiz or test reminders. Teachers often time post reminders of their office hours.

Doc Sharing: Teachers will post additional information here such as word docs with web links, additional information for the course, and sometimes you will find updated student guides.


Students may apply for NKOA/PAL by clicking on the link below and contacting the registrar at 360-396-3576 or [email protected]. Students will go through an interview process with a counselor or principal to determine if the program will meet their educational needs and can assist them is successfully reaching their goals and potential.

Apply for the NKOA Program